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Mechatronic System Design

The Mechatronic System Design Process provides an environment that is rich with numerical and graphical analysis tools that stimulate innovation, integration, communication, and collaboration withi...

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Control Systems

Control is a hidden, enabling technology that is present in almost every engineered system today. Despite this fact, control system design is still mysterious and often falls in the domain of a spe...

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Sensors and Actuators

In a modern multidisciplinary engineering system, the focus of our attention is the plant or process. Sensors tell us what is happening, actuators make things happen, and the complex decision makin...

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Fluid Power Systems

Faster than a speeding bullet — almost; more powerful than a locomotive — most definitely; able to leap tall buildings in a single bound — certainly possible; and unnoticed by the casual obse...

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Electromagnetic Systems

From walking on the street to launching a rocket into space, physical forces are acting all around us. All the forces that we experience every day (and many that we don’t realize we experience) c...

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Mechanical Systems

Almost all multidisciplinary engineering systems have significant mechanical content. The mechanical part is often the most determining factor for the final performance of the total mechatronic sys...

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Physical and Mathematical Modeling

In design an engineer rarely starts with a blank sheet of paper. Designs are usually the result of the improvement of an existing system, the innovative combination of existing systems, or the appl...

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